We honour
the legacy
of Duchess
Saint Ludmila

The "Saint Ludmila - 1100 years" project sponsors activities
towards the 1100th anniversary of the death of St.Ludmila in 2021.

Why was the project created?

The "Saint Ludmila - 1100 years" project sponsors activities towards the 1100th anniversary of the death
of St. Ludmila and has been consistently devoted to the memory of Saint Ludmila since 2015. All our activities
are aimed at strengthening respect for St.Ludmila, promoting the national identity of contemporary society and creating a more valuable cultural and living environment for current generations.


The story of St. Ludmila

St. Ludmila is the first known Czech woman,
the first documented wife of the monarch of Bohemia
and perhaps also the first Czech duchess. She is known
as the educator of St. Wenceslas and it was
her daughter-in-law Drahomíra who hired her assassins. Because she was strangled by her own scarf or veil, the strip of cloth became her attribute and symbol to commemorate her martyrdom.


Our association is a non-profit organization

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